Fee Structure

 Security AmountAdmission Fee [1]Tuition FeeYearly Payment (New Student)Yearly Payment (Old Student)Instalments [2]               (6 Instalments for Nursery to X & 4 Instalments for XI & XII) 
Nursery – HKG2,0007,00037,20046,20037,2006,200 
I – V2,0007,00042,80051,80042,8007,133 
IX – X2,0007,00059,80068,80059,8009,967 
XI -XII (Comm.)2,0007,00062,00071,00062,00015,500 
XI -XII (Science)2,0007,00064,55173,55064,55016,138 
[1]   Admission Fee (`7000) will be waived off for all new admissions for session 2022-23
[2]   Installment Schedule is given below
Note: Two real brother & sister studying in school then younger sibling will get 25% discount in tuition fee
B.  Fee Payment Schedule
  • Activity Fee: ` 2000 (At he time of Admission or 10th April)
  • Nursery to X (6 Instalments)
InstalmentDue DateGrace DateFine @ ` 50/-Fine @ ` 100/-Last Date for Fee Submission 
1st  Instalment7th  April 2210th  April 22Upto 15th  April 22Upto 30th  April 2230th  April 22 
2nd  Instalment7th  July 2210th  July 22Upto 15th  July 22Upto 30th  July 2230th  July 22 
3rd  Instalment7th  Sept 2210th  Sept 22Upto 15th  Sept 22Upto 30th  Sept 2130th  Sept 22 
4th  Instalment7th  Oct 2210th  Oct 22Upto 15th  Oct 22Upto 30th  Oct 2230th  Oct 22 
5th  Instalment7th  Dec 2210th  Dec 22Upto 15th  Dec 22Upto 30th  Dec2230th  Dec 22 
6th  Instalment7th  Jan 2310th  Jan 23Upto 15th  Jan 23Upto 30th  Jan 2330th  Jan 23 


Fee Guideline (Academic Session 2022 - 23)

Instalment Due Date Grace Date Fine @ ` 50/- Fine @ ` 100/- Last Date for Fee Submission
1st  Instalment 7th  April 22 10th  April 22 Upto 15th  April 22 Upto 30th  April 22 30th  April 22
2nd  Instalment 7th  July 22 10th  July 22 Upto 15th  July 22 Upto 30th  July 22 30th  July 22
3rd  Instalment 7th  Oct 22 10th  Oct 22 Upto 15th  Oct 22 Upto 30th  Oct 22 30th  Oct 22
4th  Instalment 7th  Dec 22 10th  Dec 22 Upto 15th  Dec 22 Upto 30th  Dec 22 30th  Dec 22